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Antioxidant, Healthy vision, Healthy skin, Immune support, Helps Prevent Cancer, Fights Inflammation


Vitamin A or retinal the name for group for retinol, retinyl esters and retinal that are fat-soluble. It is one of the most vital vitamins that one should incorporate in his or her daily diet. The said vitamin is responsible for maintaining clear vision, maintaining the radiance and glow of your skin because it has certain properties that could keep the skin membranes moist.

Like all antioxidants, Vitamin A helps in the reduction of inflammation by fighting free radicals that cause damage. The daily intake of a diet high in antioxidants is a better way to slow the aging process naturally.

Also, Vitamin A is responsible for the development of healthy bones, facilitates cell differentiation, regulation of gene regulation, enhances immune function and maintaining clear, healthy skin.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant is also essential for the protection of the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory system and urinary tracts against fatal infection. Individuals experiencing malabsorption of fats for a long time are very prone to developing Vitamin A deficiency. The most common causes of vitamin A malabsorption include gluten sensitivity, a leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune responses, pancreatic disorders and inflamed bowel disorders.

Vitamin A deficiency may cause poor eye health resulting in a thickening of the cornea and other related problems and may lead to blindness. Severe lack of vitamin A may lead to keratomalacia, a condition that is bilateral and it usually affects both eyes. The primary cause of this type of deficiency is because of poor diet or the body’s inability to absorb the vitamin. Sign of Keratomalacia includes severe dryness of the eyes and night blindness.

Premature Skin Damage: Vitamin A is crucial for a healthy skin because deficiency will result in thickening, scaling and drying of the skin.

Respiratory Infections: A weak immune system and lack of Vitamin A may lead to respiratory infections. Age typically determines the effects; a younger person may have more severe effects compared to an older person. According to research, children with severe Vitamin A deficiency report high growth retardation and a mortality rate of up to 50%.

Vitamin A is in high demand among pregnant women in particular on the last trimester. Often, pregnant women suffer from this level and symptoms such as night blindness may be notable if the vitamin is insufficient.

Some parts of immune system functions depend on adequate vitamin A in the body; that is why it is said to be a critical component that boosts immunity. The vitamin is also known to regulate immune system responses, hence is essential for fighting severe chronic conditions like cancer, autoimmune diseases, and illnesses such as the flu and common colds.

According to studies, vitamin A can control malignant cells in the body hence daily intake could help several forms of cancer cells. A recent survey shows that retinoic acid plays a vital role in cell development, differentiation, and cancer treatment. Also oral, lung, breast, prostate, ovarian, bladder and skin cancers have been proved to be suppressed by retinoic acid.

Finding good sources of vitamin A is not a significant problem at all for it can be found in most animal and plant-based foods. For those individuals who may not get enough vitamin A from their diet, they ought to take supplements.

Before you take vitamin supplements, you should consult your physician to recommend the required dosage. Human beings only need enough amounts of vitamin A and eating natural foods rich in the said vitamin or supplements will provide the required daily Vitamin A needs.

On average, it is recommended for women to get at least 8000 IU of vitamin A and 10000 IU for men daily.

Ingredients: No Preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, sugar, gluten, starch, milk, lactose, wheat, yeast, shellfish and free of sodium.

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