DRP-104 - 500mg

DRP-104 - 500mg


DRP-104, also known as Sirpiglenastat, is a molecule in development for the treatment of various types of cancer. This compound is a glutaminase inhibitor, a key enzyme in the metabolism of glutamine, an amino acid essential for the growth and survival of cancer cells.



Synonym L-Norleucine, N-acetyl-L-tryptophyl-6-diazo-5-oxo-, 1-methylethyl ester

Formula C22H27N5O5

Cas No. 2079939-05-0

Mol. Wt. 441.48

Purity: Greater than 98%

Store Temperature: -20°C


DRP-104 inhibits the enzyme glutaminase 1 (GLS1), which is crucial for the conversion of glutamine into glutamate. Glutamate is a precursor for the synthesis of other amino acids, nucleotides, and for energy production through the citric acid cycle. Inhibition of GLS1 reduces the availability of glutamate, disrupting the production of nucleotides and proteins necessary for tumor cell proliferation and reducing the energy available to them.

Cancer cells heavily depend on glutamine for their metabolism and growth. By inhibiting glutaminase, DRP-104 alters tumor metabolism, inducing a state of metabolic stress in tumor cells, leading to their selective death while normal cells, which are less dependent on glutamine, are less affected.


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