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Hemorrhagic disease, Osteoporosis, Bruises, Spider veins, Scars, Burns, and Stretch marks, Support healthy cardiovascular system


One of the essential functions of vitamin K in the body is blood clotting. It is therefore used to reverse the effects of blood thinning medications when high doses have been administered. It is also used to prevent clotting complications in newborns who lack sufficient vitamin K, and treat bleeding disorders caused by certain medications like salicylates, quinine, sulfonamides, antibiotics, or quinidine. Lastly, it is also administered to treat and prevent vitamin K deficiency, which is a condition in which the body lacks vitamin K.

Vitamin K is used to prevent and treat osteoporosis, a condition of weak bones. It is also used to relieve the itching that often comes with biliary cirrhosis, which is a liver disease. A form of vitamin K, menaquinone or vitamin K2, is taken orally to treat osteoporosis and the bone loss which is caused by steroids. It is also used to lower total cholesterol in individuals undergoing dialysis.

Vitamin K is used on the skin to remove bruises, spider veins, scars, burns, and stretch marks. It is also used topically in the treatment of rosacea, which is a skin condition that causes pimples and redness on the face.

Vitamin K is used to accelerate the healing of the wounds, and reduce swelling and bruising after a surgical procedure. It is given as an injection by physicians to treat problems related to clotting. There has been an increased level of understanding on the importance of vitamin K in the body. This has triggered some researchers to suggest the possible increase of the intake of the recommended amounts of dietary vitamin K.

There was a slight increase by the national body for medicine and nutrition on their recommended amounts of vitamin K in the year 2001. They, however, refused to make higher increases in these amounts. The institute argued that there was insufficient scientific proof to make larger increases in the directed vitamin K intake.

Vitamin K is a crucial vitamin and is needed by the body for the process of blood clotting as well as other vital processes. Some functions of vitamin K in the body are that it:

• supports bone health;

• supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

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