OVAGEN - 40mg

OVAGEN - 40mg


Ovagen is a bioregulatory peptide that helps protect the gastrointestinal mucosa layer from the effects of antibiotics, toxins, and anti-inflammatories. Additionally, it can reduce long-term fibrosis in the liver. Ongoing research is evaluating its effects in combating HIV viral replication.



Sequence: Glu-Asp-Leu

Molecular Formula: C15H25N3O8

Molecular Weight: 375.37 g/mol

PubChem CID: 444128

Peptide purity: Greater than 98%

Other details: No TFA Salt, No Mannitol

Storage: Lyophilized peptide must be stored at -20°C and peptide solution at +4°C.


Ovagen is a peptide developed by Dr. Vladimir Khavinson. Like other bioregulators, Ovagen is capable of crossing cellular and nuclear membranes to directly regulate DNA structure and transcription patterns. Additionally, like most other bioregulatory peptides, Ovagen has tissue-specific effects. Ovagen primarily serves to regulate and normalize the function of the liver and digestive tract, although there is some evidence to suggest it may also be useful in controlling the replication of the HIV virus. Researchers have shown that Ovagen promotes the cellular proliferation of hepatocytes and prevents scarring and fibrotic changes that can lead to cirrhosis. In the gastrointestinal tract, Ovagen helps to enhance the function of the mucosal barrier and reduces complications arising from antibiotic treatments, anti-inflammatories, chemotherapy, and more.

Like most bioregulators, the most significant effects of Ovagen are observed in older individuals. The peptide appears to reverse the DNA changes that occur with age, helping to bring the DNA in liver fibroblasts and gastrointestinal mucosal cells back to a younger state, where more genes are available for transcription. The obvious consequence is that the cells are more functional and therefore healthier.

Research shows that Ovagen is well tolerated and can be useful in normalizing the function of the liver and gastrointestinal tract in a variety of different inflammatory and pathological conditions. It can also be useful in the postoperative context, during long-term antibiotic therapy, to overcome the side effects of cancer treatments, and even as a prevention for diabetes.

Regarding the effects of Ovagen on the HIV virus, it is important to know that the peptide has a direct impact on the HIV-1 protease enzyme, which the virus uses to survive. It does so by cleaving the newly synthesized proteins that make up the mature HIV virion. This infectious form of the HIV virus cannot function without the HIV-1 protease. In other words, the enzyme is essential for the HIV virus to infect more cells. Without the protease, the HIV virus produces non-infectious progeny and dies out. A number of HIV protease inhibitors are currently FDA approved and used in treatment. Unfortunately, the high mutation rate of the virus leads to relatively rapid formation of resistance.

Research on Ovagen reveals that it is an effective inhibitor of the HIV-1 protease. In fact, it is one of the smallest and most potent protease inhibitors known with an effective concentration of only 50 microM. Unlike other protease inhibitors, Ovagen is highly soluble in water, which facilitates its administration.


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