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Bone Growth and Maintenance, Wound Healing, Regulation of Sex Hormones, Prevention of Vitamin-D Deficiency, Anti-inflammatory Effects, Anti-inflammatory Effects in Osteoarthritis, Protection Against Oxidative Stress, Brain Activation and Psychological Function, Heavy-metal Toxicity, Anticancer Effects
GDF-11 - 10 ug
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GDF11 has been shown to improve the outcomes of neurodegenerative and neurovascular diseases, increase the amount of skeletal muscle and boost muscular strength. It also has the power to reverse age-related degenerative alterations, as well as govern organ and skin regeneration following damage. These are all examples of its biological effects, which include reversing senescence.
GDF-8 – 1 mg
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The propeptide known as GDF-8 has the specific purpose of inhibiting the myostatin. It has been shown to have the effects that are listed below: - Enhancement muscular regeneration and in healing injuries - Enhancement of body capacity to regenerative - Increase of myofiber hypertrophy
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HAIR GROWTH ACTIVATOR 30ml: BPC-157 Arginate Form 36mg; GHK-Cu 600mg; PTD-DBM 1mg; Thymosin B4 Frag 50mg; Zinc Thymulin 15mg Hair Growth Activator is an effective peptide complex to regrow a full head of hair in both men and women. It shows the following benefits: - Improve the thickness of the hair, - Prevents pattern baldness - the most common type of hair loss in both men and women - Regenerate damaged skin tissues, especially in human balding scalps - Stimulates new hair follicles - Accelerated hair regrowth - New follicle development in areas of baldness - Treats androgenetic alopecia  FRESHLY PREPARED SOLUTION
NAD+ - 1000mg
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NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in all living cells that plays a crucial role in cellular metabolism. It is involved in a wide range of biological processes, including energy production, DNA repair, and cell signaling. NAD+ levels can decline with age and are also affected by factors such as diet and lifestyle. Research has shown that enhancement of NAD+ may have potential benefits for various health conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases, type 2 diabetes, and addiction
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NEURO REGENERATION - ADVANCED FORMULA 10 ml Nasal Spray: Colivelin 100 mg; Cortagen 100 mg; Humanin G 10 mg. Total Spray: 82. Per Spray: Colivelin 1219 mcg, HNG 121 mcg, Cortagen 1219 mcg. 30 ml Sublingual: J-147 450 mg; NSI-189 1200 mg. In 1 ml (approximately equivalent to 20 drops), there are 15 mg of J-147 and 40 mg of NSI-189. [1 ml  (approximately 20 drops): J-147 15 mg; NS-189 40 mg. Improves memory  Inhibits cell death Stimulates the cerebral reparative processes Increases BDNF levels in the hippocampus Reduces AB accumulation Neuroprotective Neurotrophic Improves mitochondrial levels of Glutathione (GSH) Protects cells from oxidative stress Degrades atherosclerotic plaques Lowers inflammation Suppresses hypoxia   FRESHLY PREPARED SOLUTION
PE-22-28 - 10ml/20mg
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PE-22-28 is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring peptide spadin which binds to TREK-1. TREK-1 is found in regions of the brain controlling mood, memory, and learning. It was specifically designed as an effective treatment to fight depression and as a potent stimulator of neurogenesis and synaptogenesis in the hippocampus. PE-22-28 is being researched for applications including: - Antidepressant activity - Memory and learning - Stroke recovery - Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s - Neurogenesis   Total Spray: 82 (244 mcg per spray) FRESHLY PREPARED SOLUTION
PEG MGF - 5mg
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Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor (PEG MGF) is a subtype of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1), which promotes the division of myoblasts and permits the fusion and maturation of muscle fibers. The following therapeutic benefits of PEG-MGF have been shown through research: - Ability to re-build muscles - Ability to make new muscle cells - Neuroprotective effects - Cardioprotective effects - Promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration - Promotes bone injury recovery - Lowers total body fat and cholesterol - Increases immunity