Our Company

Suaway Lab Research is a top-tier company with a strong focus on innovation that develops and produces peptides and other research goods.
With more than 8 years of expertise, Suaway Lab Research offers a broad variety of services as well as products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms throughout the world for research, clinical development, & commercial application.
Peptides and biochemicals are readily available from Suaway Lab Research in a wide variety.
We can create all of the items in our inventory on a milligram to kg scale, and we can provide significant savings on larger quantities.
Our specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in the development of different peptides and amino acid derivatives (such as a cyclic peptide, peptide library, peptide impurities, CPPs, and RGD, etc.) and related amino acids like fmoc/boc-amino acids, unnatural amino acids, etc.
We also produce a wide range of bioactive peptides for use in cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetic, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, and other research-related applications.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of  high quality custom peptide services, from high-throughput synthesis to peptide alterations to screening of peptide libraries.
For research, medication discovery, and commercial supply, custom peptide synthesis services provide high-quality, dependable, and economical options.
Our Advantages of Peptide Synthesis:

  • Fast and personal consultation by experienced peptide chemists
  • We supply peptides to any level of purity to meet your needs
  • Rapid order processing
  • Our synthesis capability is designed to produce from milligrams to kilogram, which can be customized to meet your requirements
  • Regular peptide synthesis order is about 20-25 days
  • In accordance with customer demand, we can do TFA salt treatment and our products can also be converted to acetate
  • Fully-optimized synthesis and purification procedures
  • We can customize peptides that are not in our catalog according to your specific demand

Our peptides are produced utilizing cutting-edge solid phase, liquid phase, and microwave synthesis procedures in sophisticated, automated synthesizers based on various peptide requirements.

Our services not only provide a large variety of peptides with high purity, but you can also obtain professional guidance on drug screening, peptide design, and optimization from our peptide technologist, which may motivate you about research.

Our peptide synthesis platform has the following significant advantages:

  • Long peptide synthesis: The peptide length may be increased to 200 by combining fragment synthesis, microwave synthesis, and the hydrazide chemical technique.
  • Peptide library customization: The main advantage of our peptide platform is the unique peptide library. There are roughly ten alternatives available here for various study purposes, and the peptide length may reach 30aa.
  • Special peptide synthesis: Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPS), antimicrobial peptides, stapled peptides, and antigen peptides are just a few of the unusual peptides that Suaway Lab Research has developed.