CARDIOGEN - 10ml/50mg

CARDIOGEN - 10ml/50mg

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The short peptide known as Cardiogen has been shown to possess bioregulator-like qualities. According to research, the major impacts that it has are on fibroblasts, which are the cells that are essential for tissue healing and scar formation all across the body.


Total Spray: 82 (609 mcg per spray)




Sequence: H-Ala-Glu-Asp-Arg-OH
Molecular Formula: C18H31N7O9
Molecular Weight: 489.5 g/mol
PubChem CID: 11583989
Peptide purity: greater than 98%
Other details: No TFA Salt, No Mannitol
Storage: This product must be stored at 4°C. No suitable for freezing.



The short peptide known as Cardiogen is recognised to possess features that make it a bioregulator. According to research, the principal impacts that it has are on the cells known as fibroblasts, which are responsible for tissue healing and the creation of scars throughout the body. Research indicates that Cardiogen's capacity to change fibroblast activity may have potential advantages in a range of tissues, despite the fact that much of the attention paid to Cardiogen has been focused on its function in a number of cardiovascular disorders. In addition, Cardiogen seems to be a synergistic peptide, which means that it increases the value of some common treatments and, as a result, improves long-term results while simultaneously lowering the number of adverse effects. Last but not least, some early study conducted in rat models indicates that Cardiogen may improve the rates of apoptosis in tumour cells.

In the heart, Cardiogen seems to boost the proliferation of cardiomyocytes while at the same time inhibiting the growth and development of fibroblasts. Because of this, there is a reduction in the creation of scar tissue and an improvement in the long-term consequences of cardiac remodelling, which may lead to heart failure. In addition, it seems that taking 20 milligrammes of Cardiogen may bring about a reduction in the amount of p53 protein that is expressed, which in turn brings about a reduction in the amount of apoptosis that occurs.

In heart cells, Cardiogen inhibits programmed cell death (apoptosis) by downregulating the expression of p53. However, in tumour cells, Cardiogen may have the opposite effect. The treatment of Cardiogen has been shown in research conducted on rat models of M-1 sarcoma to result in increased levels of apoptosis inside the tumour cells. In addition to this, the impact is dependent on the dose, which is evidence that the biological effect is real. The peptide appears to enhance apoptosis in tumor cells and may be somewhat selective for tumor cells due to their enhanced and unusual vascular supply. Because of this, Cardiogen has the potential to be used as a targeted therapy for at least certain forms of cancer.

According to findings from studies conducted in tissue cultures, Cardiogen, along with numerous other peptides with a similar structure, may modify the expression of signalling molecules in the fibroblasts that make up the prostate. The levels of these signalling factors are essential to the creation of a hospitable microenvironment inside tumours, which may have a role in both the initiation and progression of prostate cancer. There is compelling evidence that the production of these markers is significantly changed in ageing and senescent fibroblasts. This may explain why prostate cancer is practically unheard of in younger men but is almost always seen in older men.



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