LIVAGEN - 10ml/100mg

LIVAGEN - 10ml/100mg

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A brief bioregulatory peptide called livagen directly affects the structure and operation of DNA. It is most recognized for its capacity to decondensed chromatin, which enhances the "youthful" profile of cells and increases the expression of certain genes. The immune system's lymphocytes have been the subject of the greatest research. Livagen has been shown to work via these cells to stimulate the immune system and combat diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, immunological system, or central nervous system. In terms of nociception and pain management, livagen research has also been promising. The potential of Livagen will be further unlocked by ongoing study, which will also advance human knowledge of the aging and senescence processes.


Total Spray: 82 (1,22 mg per spray)




Sequence: Lys-Glu-Asp-Ala

Molecular Formula: C18H31N5O9

Molecular Weight: 461.5 g/mol

CAS: 195875-84-4

Peptide purity: Greater than 98%

Other details: No TFA Salt, No Mannitol

Storage: This product must be stored at 4°C. No suitable for freezing.



Livagen, a short peptide that is linked to Epitalon (also known as Epithalon), is well-known for its impact on the liver, GI tract, and immune system. Livagen has a direct impact on DNA & gene expression patterns as a peptide bioregulator. Its alleged anti-aging abilities are assumed to be a consequence of Livagen's capacity to activate immunological and GI tract genes that are normally repressed with aging due to DNA condensation.

According to older individuals' lymphocytes, Livagen stimulates several genes by causing chromatin to decondense (unpack), according to research. This causes the activation of genes that are normally inactive in older individuals, such as ribosomal genes, which are indirectly responsible for strong protein synthesis and increased cell activity.

This evidence implies that Livagen directly affects the DNA of lymphocytes, which are the main immune system cells.

Livagen activates synthetic processes by reactivating ribosomal genes, unpacks chromatin, changes gene expression, and induces decondensation in lymphocytes, according to research examining the endpoints of Livagen, Epitalon, & Vilon administration in older patients.

The chromatin that is silenced as we become older gets reactivated as a result of all of these impacts. Researchers think that this restores lymphocytes to a more "young" condition even though long-term implications have not been investigated.

By now, it ought to be clear that alterations in the sorts of genes that may be accessible and expressed, as well as the way DNA is structured, contribute to many of the impacts of aging. Professor Teimuraz Lezhava, the world's foremost expert on chromatin modifications with age, has documented these changes in studies. His research demonstrates that chromosomal aberration levels rise with aging. Progressive chromatin condensation is one of these anomalies.

There is strong evidence to support the idea that stopping the condensation process might lengthen life. After all, reactivating those genes should decrease the aging process if gene silencing causes it to occur more quickly over time. Livagen, Epitalon, and a few other bioregulatory peptides are already known to influence this process via decondensed DNA, according to Dr. Lezhavas' study. His research suggests that there is solid evidence to support the idea that these peptides may be able to prevent some of the dysfunction that develops with aging, especially for immunological dysregulation and reduced protein synthesis.

Lymphocytes actively contribute to heart health. The dysregulation of lymphocyte chromatin structure is thought to be a pathogenic aspect of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and atherosclerosis, according to research on individuals with the condition.

B cells and T cells are two types of white blood cells found in lymphocytes. B cells create antibodies to fight foreign invaders, while T cells destroy body cells that are either malignant or infested with invaders. Additionally, cytokines, which are chemical messengers that direct immune responses and manage inflammatory reactions in the body, are produced by T cells. In other words, lymphocytes are some of the most crucial immune system cells. Our increased susceptibility to all types of sickness and illness as we age may, at least in part, be attributed to their loss of activity with age. Restoring these cells to a more youthful condition might aid in fighting cancer and infection.

According to many studies, the release of genes through chromatin decondensation in lymphocytes may assist to lessen the long-term effects of several types of heart disease. In people with HCM, changes in lymphocyte gene expression may assist to lessen inflammation and the scarring it causes. Naturally, Livagen performs this same function, thus there has been much study in this area. Livagen could serve as the foundation for cutting-edge preventive measures that lower the total morbidity and death linked to heart disease.

According to recent studies, when activated, the GI tract's mucosal barrier is protected by both my and delta receptors. Overall, Livagen in this situation causes changed levels of mucosal nitric oxide and prostaglandins as well as an increase in vagal nerve signals to the GI tract. This results in significant gastroprotection, which may help treat viral diarrhea as well as ease the signs and long-term effects of inflammatory bowel disease. It should be no surprise that Livagen is being explored as a possible therapy for several GI problems given its capacity to increase activation of these receptors by increasing amounts of enkephalin in the circulation.

Livagen increases the body's supply of natural painkillers by decreasing the activity of enkephalin-degrading enzymes in the blood. The body employs enkephalins, which are brief peptides, to communicate pain. This shows that Livagen could work well for treating pain.



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