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Weight loss and obesity, Cardiovascular disease, Cholesterol reduction, Eye Protection, Tinnitus, Liver Protection , Anabolic enhancement


The fact that the amino acid taurine is manufactured by the body led to the supplement being labelled as non-essential. The truth is that taurine is an essential amino acid that is quite remarkable for several processes within the human body.

Amino acids are derived from diets rich in protein like chicken, fish, and meat. The body breaks down protein into several amino acids which are then utilized in rebuilding the body proteins in the entire body. Amino acids are used for many other functions like the functioning of cells, regeneration of cells, antibody formation, and for hormone and enzyme production. Just like minerals and vitamins, amino acids are useful for the proper functioning of the body.

Taurine is known to have numerous protective benefits. Some of these include:

Weight loss and obesity: Obesity has adverse effects on almost every part of your body. Abdominal fat stores are a known cause of inflammation which can result in cardiovascular problems. Taurine has the ability of significantly lowering the levels of lipid within the bloodstream and improve the ability of the body to cope with extra amounts of glucose in the bloodstream. This helps in protecting against cardiovascular problems while tolerance of the excess glucose is important as it assists in the prevention of development of diabetes which is most likely to occur in obese people.

Cardiovascular disease: Taurine is one of the most highly-concentrated amino acids in the heart, and numerous studies have shown the benefits of supplementing taurine for the use of several heart conditions. Research has found that taurine helps in the retention of magnesium and potassium in the heart muscles. Both compounds are essential for electrical stability and regular heart muscle contractions. Some studies have also suggested that people who suffer from high blood pressure have taurine levels that are lower than normal in their bloodstream. The low levels of taurine lead to the release of angiotensin protein which elevates the blood pressure.

Cholesterol reduction: One of the main features of cardiovascular disease is elevated cholesterol. Taurine produces a compound that to the excretion of more cholesterol in bile. It has also been shown that taurine can improve the ability to reduce low-density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol. By this process, taurine helps in protecting the body against hardening of the arteries and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eye Protection: Taurine amino acid is found in high volumes in the retina and has protective properties from different toxins. The levels of taurine also decline with aging. There are numerous different causes of age-related blindness but topping the list is oxidative stress in the retina. Taurine can remove the free radicles that cause damage to the eye hence implicating its ability to protect the retina.

Tinnitus: Hearing damage mainly occurs on the nerve cells converting sound waves into electrical energy which is easily translated by the brain. The hearing cells in the ear like all other nerve cells depend on the flow of calcium in and out of them. Taurine is essential in assisting in calcium flow in and out of the hearing cells in the ear. This assists in preventing progressive loss of hearing and are additionally invaluable in controlling tinnitus.

Liver Protection: The liver detoxifies by filtering toxins and other harmful chemicals from the bloodstream as they pass through it. Research has shown that taurine assists in protecting the liver cells against the oxidative damage and ensures that they function optimally.

Exercise: Taurine helps in increasing muscle energy and assists the muscles to work harder, longer and safer. It increases muscle contraction ability both within the heart and joints resulting in workouts that are more powerful. Taurine also assists in removing lactic acid build-up allowing you to work out for longer. Taurine also helps in cleaning oxidative stress causal compounds hence protecting their damage.

Numerous studies suggest that the average diet of meat and vegetables provides approximately 58 mg per day of taurine. Studies further indicate that a daily dose of 1500 mg to 3000 mg daily may offer health benefits that are unlikely to be achieved from diet alone.

Taurine deficiency is very likely in vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as in people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as those with malfunctioning kidneys and liver. The levels of taurine in the body decline with aging hence the need to take in supplements of this essential amino acid.

At present, there are no known side effects of taurine or drug interactions, but pregnant women and nursing mothers are warned on its use.

Taurine has no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, no preservatives, sugar or starch, no milk or lactose, no gluten, soy, wheat or yeast and has no fish and is sodium free.


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